Windshield wipers may be a thing of the past!

December 18, 2013 at 6:14 pm

windshield wipersWindshield wipers may be a thing of the past according to the British supercar company McLaren. They are doing away with windshield wipers completely and replacing them with a high-frequency electronic system that pumps sound waves through the windshield. This is the same exact technology used in modern day fighter jets. Not only does this high tech system deflect any water that comes in contact with the windshield almost instantly, but also any mud and even bugs. By removing the traditional wipers, the aerodynamics of a vehicle can be greatly improved and its weight reduced.

As most of us are aware, coatings on the windshield just do not last. Products such as Rain-X may work temporarily, but after only 30 days (or sometimes less) of regular use, it must be reapplied. This is the first real solution to windshield wiper replacement ever, and a great idea at that.

Sound too futuristic? Think again. McLaren’s 2015 models will all be windshield wiper-less, and they estimate within a few years, this system will become available on the mass market for as little as $15. Say goodbye to the days of frozen wipers, scratched windshields, and that annoying “swoosh” every time it rains.

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