What is the difference between OEM, dealer and aftermarket windshields?

November 4, 2014 at 1:42 pm

windshield replacementOne of the most integral components to any car or vehicle is the windshield.  It is essential to the structure of the vehicle and assures proper visibility and safety for those inside.  It is crucial to assure that the windshield is safely installed and free of any damage such as chips or cracks.

There are three main types of windshields that manufacturers provide.  These are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM); dealer; and aftermarket glass.

When you purchase a car for the first time, the windshield is considered dealer glass.  It is not typical for car companies to manufacture their own glass.  Instead, they contract their glass needs out to another manufacturer and install it in new cars as they are built.  Oftentimes, the make of the car is stamped on the windshield as well.

If a windshield replacement http://www.autoglassnj.com is ever necessary, either OEM or aftermarket glass will be installed.  OEM glass is nearly identical to the original dealer windshield; however, more than likely was made by a different manufacturer.  OEM windshields are constructed to specifically meet the regulations regarding size, shape, color, thickness and durability set forth by the car company itself.  Further, the Department of Transportation certifies all OEM glass which assures safety and security.

On the other hand, aftermarket glass is manufactured by different glass companies, many of them sometimes being imported from China, Japan, and Taiwan.  Aftermarket glass can range greatly from one brand to the next.  You must make sure you know what type of glass you are getting, and at least make sure it is one of the major OEM quality manufacturers such as Pilkington, PGW, FYG, and Guardian.

Knowing the differences between the three main types of glass is sure to be of value when the time comes for a windshield replacement.

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