Repair or replace your Auto Glass? That is the question.

December 16, 2014 at 3:51 pm

crack windshieldWe have all been there.  We’re driving down the highway minding our own business when a dump truck carrying tons of gravel pulls out in front.  We slam on our brakes to slow down and then all of a sudden…BAM!  A rock hits our windshield.  We scan the window to find where the rock landed.  When we don’t see any chip, we sigh with relief and carefully attempt to pass the truck.  However, what happens when there is a chip?

The most important thing to know is to get the chip taken care of as soon as possible.  Most auto glass chips can be repaired if they are smaller than the size of a quarter. A windshield repair doesn’t require removing the windshield which allows for a speedy process.  Furthermore, it is a significantly less expensive option. Most auto insurance companies will usually reimburse a windshield repair as well.  American Mobile Glass will even contact your insurance company for you.

During the repair, a trained technician specializing in auto glass will drill into the windshield and allow for a specialized resin to fill the chip. The technician then vacuums the air out to seal it.  This keeps moisture and debris away.  The chip may not appear completely invisible but will no longer be able to spider out and fully crack the windshield.

In the instances where the a chip does begin to spider out and cause a crack throughout the windshield, a repair is no longer an option and a complete windshield or auto glass replacement is required.  A windshield replacement includes the removal of the current windshield and the installation of a new one.

After the auto glass installer removes the damaged windshield, a bead of urethane is applied on the frame to bond the new windshield to the vehicle. American Mobile Glass uses a fast curing urethane which will allow your car to be drivable only one house after the installation is complete.

Don’t ignore a chip if one appears.  A chip weakens the windshield since moisture has a route to get in.  This will compromise your safety.  If you are still unsure whether a repair or replacement is needed, contact American Mobile Glass and one of their Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you.

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