I have a stationary window in the back of my pickup truck, can you remove this & install a slider?

April 18, 2014 at 7:44 pm

glass blasterAbsolutely! This is a question we are often asked from many of our customers. The back piece of glass breaks on their pickup truck, and they figure it’s the perfect time to upgrade to that slider they have been thinking about. Usually, it is no problem upgrading to a sliding glass unit. On certain models, some adjustments do need to be made. For example, on the new Ford pickup trucks, the headliner needs to be cut and modified in order for the slider to fit into place where the stationary piece of glass used to be. This is no problem for the auto glass technicians at American Mobile Glass, http://www.autoglassnj.com as each one has at least 10+ years of experience in the industry.

As an additional service, American Mobile Glass is equipped with the latest technology, which enables us to remove the back glass of any vehicle without breaking it. What we use is advanced magnetic heat technology from Inductor. The Glass Blaster releases the urethane in hard to reach areas (curves and deep pockets) of windshields were other glass tools can’t go. No damage to the encapsulant or frit (blackout masking). Removes windshields and bonded auto glass from the OUTSIDE of the vehicle – never touch any inside trim! What this means is that we have the unique ability to remove the rear piece of glass in any vehicle without breaking it so that our customer can either keep the glass, or resell it! All of our conversions are also backed by our lifetime warranty for as long as you own or lease the your vehicle.

Trust the experts at American Mobile Glass and call for a free quote today!