How does cold weather affect your windshield and what can you do about it?

January 19, 2016 at 9:19 pm

Cleaning Car From Snow. Men Cleaning Car Windshield From Snow and Ice After Snow Storm. Photo Taken From Inside the Vehicle.

Cleaning Car From Snow. Men Cleaning Car Windshield From Snow and Ice After Snow Storm. Photo Taken From Inside the Vehicle.

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y.Jan. 19, 2016PRLog — With winter upon us, American Mobile Glass would like to share some interesting facts about cold weather and how it affects our windshields.  A secure windshield ensures visibility, safety, and the overall structural integrity of the vehicle.  Your windshield is more likely to chip or crack during the cold winter months, so it is important to recognize the risk factors and take the necessary precautions before it is too late!

Beware of Rapid Temperature Changes.

When you walk outside to warm up your car after a night of freezing temperatures, be cautious about warming up your windshield too quickly. If a cold windshield is hit with hot air, it can crack due to the sudden temperature change. This is even more likely if the glass already has a small chip or crack in it.

What you want to do is turn on the car’s heating system, but don’t point the vents directly at the windshield. Instead, direct the hot air toward the passengers or the floor so the glass has the chance to warm up gradually. Also, never pour hot water on your car’s frozen glass or scrape with anything other than a plastic scraper made specifically for that purpose.

Use Proper Ice Removal Tools.

Don’t use a shovel or a knife to remove ice from your car’s glass surfaces. Only use ice scrapers designed for that particular purpose. Scrape horizontally along the glass — never stab into the ice buildup in a chopping motion, or you could chip the glass underneath.

Keep Washer Fluid Tank Full.

Check your windshield washer fluids regularly during the winter months, since you use it more during this time. A clean windshield is easier to see out of, and it also is easier to spot any damage that must be repaired. Also, make sure your wiper blades are equipped to smoothly brush away snow and ice. Invest in a new pair of wipers designed for winter weather before the seasons change.

Get Cracks and Chips Repaired Immediately.

Get chips repaired before they turn into cracks. Cracks will only grow during cold weather.

According to the Motor Industry Research Association, auto glass chips were likely to spread 80 percent of the time once the temperature dropped to 14 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Even if the temperature remained at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, glass chips spread 60 percent of the time and progress to more serious cracks.

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