How does cold weather affect your windshield and what can you do about it?

January 19, 2016 at 9:19 pm

Cleaning Car From Snow. Men Cleaning Car Windshield From Snow and Ice After Snow Storm. Photo Taken From Inside the Vehicle.

Cleaning Car From Snow. Men Cleaning Car Windshield From Snow and Ice After Snow Storm. Photo Taken From Inside the Vehicle.

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y.Jan. 19, 2016PRLog — With winter upon us, American Mobile Glass would like to share some interesting facts about cold weather and how it affects our windshields.  A secure windshield ensures visibility, safety, and the overall structural integrity of the vehicle.  Your windshield is more likely to chip or crack during the cold winter months, so it is important to recognize the risk factors and take the necessary precautions before it is too late!

Beware of Rapid Temperature Changes.

When you walk outside to warm up your car after a night of freezing temperatures, be cautious about warming up your windshield too quickly. If a cold windshield is hit with hot air, it can crack due to the sudden temperature change. This is even more likely if the glass already has a small chip or crack in it.

What you want to do is turn on the car’s heating system, but don’t point the vents directly at the windshield. Instead, direct the hot air toward the passengers or the floor so the glass has the chance to warm up gradually. Also, never pour hot water on your car’s frozen glass or scrape with anything other than a plastic scraper made specifically for that purpose.

Use Proper Ice Removal Tools.

Don’t use a shovel or a knife to remove ice from your car’s glass surfaces. Only use ice scrapers designed for that particular purpose. Scrape horizontally along the glass — never stab into the ice buildup in a chopping motion, or you could chip the glass underneath.

Keep Washer Fluid Tank Full.

Check your windshield washer fluids regularly during the winter months, since you use it more during this time. A clean windshield is easier to see out of, and it also is easier to spot any damage that must be repaired. Also, make sure your wiper blades are equipped to smoothly brush away snow and ice. Invest in a new pair of wipers designed for winter weather before the seasons change.

Get Cracks and Chips Repaired Immediately.

Get chips repaired before they turn into cracks. Cracks will only grow during cold weather.

According to the Motor Industry Research Association, auto glass chips were likely to spread 80 percent of the time once the temperature dropped to 14 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Even if the temperature remained at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, glass chips spread 60 percent of the time and progress to more serious cracks.

Don’t wait – call American Mobile Glass at 800-924-0808 to schedule repair if you spot chips or cracks in your windshield. Offering on-site mobile service at your home, work or school, our team will immediately come to your aid when cold weather affects your windshield.

How to prevent your windshield from cracking in cold weather

January 8, 2015 at 10:56 pm

12412111-cracked-windshield-njDid you know that there are tricks to help prevent your windshield from cracking?

Have you ever warmed up your car in the winter and got in it to leave and noticed there is a huge crack across your windshield? Well here are some ways to help prevent that from happening to you.

You want to avoid sudden temperature changes, warm up your car slowly and don’t turn your defrosters on high until the vehicle is warm, and remember NEVER throw hot or boiling water on your windshield.

You can also use a plastic ice scraper on your windshield. You don’t want to use a knife or blade on your windshield because it can scratch or chip your glass. You can also use a liquid deicer to help.

Keep your glass clean this will help you notice any small cracks and chips in your glass, you want to get those replaced so that they don’t turn into a whole windshield replacement. Any cracks and chips that are smaller than the size of a quarter can be fixed.

Also replace your windshield wipers when needed, worn wipers can severely scratch and damage your windshield. Most wipers have plastic or metal clips that hold them in place, if the rubber is that worn it will  scratch your glass. There are also metal blades inside wiper housing  that can scratch your glass to the point where you won’t be able to see. You want to make sure you check your washer fluid too, if it is low you want to make sure you use one that is made for the winter time so that it won’t freeze, you can also use a liquid deicer to help when scraping the ice off.

Get those small chips and cracks repaired, American Mobile Glass will come to you and fix cracks and chips that are smaller than the size of a quarter.

Do you know why your windshield cracks?

The Problem:

Those tiny cracks that occur from everyday driving.

The Cause:

According to seismologists, the metal frame in your car expands and contracts in extreme temperatures. This causes stress on your glass and especially those little chips. This causes them to split under the stress. Its like taking a plastic spoon and cutting a small notch in it. That notch is the chip in your windshield, once you start to bend causing stress to the plastic the spoon it will break where that notch is. The same thing happens with your windshield.

The Solution:

Have existing chips fixed before extreme temperatures arrive. And remember to warm up or cool down your car slowly. It will lessen the stress on the glass and help prevent your windshield from further damage.

Repair or replace your Auto Glass? That is the question.

December 16, 2014 at 3:51 pm

crack windshieldWe have all been there.  We’re driving down the highway minding our own business when a dump truck carrying tons of gravel pulls out in front.  We slam on our brakes to slow down and then all of a sudden…BAM!  A rock hits our windshield.  We scan the window to find where the rock landed.  When we don’t see any chip, we sigh with relief and carefully attempt to pass the truck.  However, what happens when there is a chip?

The most important thing to know is to get the chip taken care of as soon as possible.  Most auto glass chips can be repaired if they are smaller than the size of a quarter. A windshield repair doesn’t require removing the windshield which allows for a speedy process.  Furthermore, it is a significantly less expensive option. Most auto insurance companies will usually reimburse a windshield repair as well.  American Mobile Glass will even contact your insurance company for you.

During the repair, a trained technician specializing in auto glass will drill into the windshield and allow for a specialized resin to fill the chip. The technician then vacuums the air out to seal it.  This keeps moisture and debris away.  The chip may not appear completely invisible but will no longer be able to spider out and fully crack the windshield.

In the instances where the a chip does begin to spider out and cause a crack throughout the windshield, a repair is no longer an option and a complete windshield or auto glass replacement is required.  A windshield replacement includes the removal of the current windshield and the installation of a new one.

After the auto glass installer removes the damaged windshield, a bead of urethane is applied on the frame to bond the new windshield to the vehicle. American Mobile Glass uses a fast curing urethane which will allow your car to be drivable only one house after the installation is complete.

Don’t ignore a chip if one appears.  A chip weakens the windshield since moisture has a route to get in.  This will compromise your safety.  If you are still unsure whether a repair or replacement is needed, contact American Mobile Glass and one of their Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you.

What is the difference between OEM, dealer and aftermarket windshields?

November 4, 2014 at 1:42 pm

windshield replacementOne of the most integral components to any car or vehicle is the windshield.  It is essential to the structure of the vehicle and assures proper visibility and safety for those inside.  It is crucial to assure that the windshield is safely installed and free of any damage such as chips or cracks.

There are three main types of windshields that manufacturers provide.  These are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM); dealer; and aftermarket glass.

When you purchase a car for the first time, the windshield is considered dealer glass.  It is not typical for car companies to manufacture their own glass.  Instead, they contract their glass needs out to another manufacturer and install it in new cars as they are built.  Oftentimes, the make of the car is stamped on the windshield as well.

If a windshield replacement is ever necessary, either OEM or aftermarket glass will be installed.  OEM glass is nearly identical to the original dealer windshield; however, more than likely was made by a different manufacturer.  OEM windshields are constructed to specifically meet the regulations regarding size, shape, color, thickness and durability set forth by the car company itself.  Further, the Department of Transportation certifies all OEM glass which assures safety and security.

On the other hand, aftermarket glass is manufactured by different glass companies, many of them sometimes being imported from China, Japan, and Taiwan.  Aftermarket glass can range greatly from one brand to the next.  You must make sure you know what type of glass you are getting, and at least make sure it is one of the major OEM quality manufacturers such as Pilkington, PGW, FYG, and Guardian.

Knowing the differences between the three main types of glass is sure to be of value when the time comes for a windshield replacement.

The Ever Growing Importance of a Safe Windshield Replacement

October 27, 2014 at 9:09 pm

auto glassHow safe is your windshield? Reality dictates that, if your car is a new model, you may not need your windshield replaced ( since new car models often come with extra safe windshields. However, the scenario might be different if we are talking about you driving an older car. If this is your current situation, a proper windshield replacement might just be a simple action which can prevent a serious consequences.

While windshield replacement can be considered as your last resort, you may also think of it as a good investment. Therefore, if you just recently purchased a second hand car, and you have no idea how long it has been since the windshield was last replaced, replacing it on your own can provide you the assurance that the windshield is in good shape.

When talking about replacement of windshield, most of us may not have a lot of choices. For instance, you may choose to use your insurance company. Insurance Providers will often go with a glass companies that will use materials from salvaged vehicles. Since there are no existing laws about vehicles that are not new, you can never tell what type and quality windshields are being installed in your vehicle.

If you need to replace your windshield right now, there is no mistaking in hiring AMG Glass the auto glass professionals in your area. Being in business for over 30 years, American Mobile Glass has grown to be one of the largest independent glass companies in the tri state NJ, NY, PA area. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, and we let our reviews speak for themselves. We leave your vehicle cleaner than when we arrived and are always prompt, courteous, and professional every step of the way, from the initial quote all the way to the finished installation. Our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.

What type of urethane is underneath your windshield?

September 18, 2014 at 8:13 pm

amg 023The first thing people think of when talking about urethane in a windshield application is drive away time.  All urethane manufacturers have safe drive away times, which depend on many factors including humidity, temperature, and size of the urethane bead.  While safe drive away time is absolutely a very important factor when deciding what type of urethane to use, it should not be the ONLY factor that is used.

The two very important factors that are often overlooked and misunderstood about urethane is non-conductive and high modulus.  With the technological advances that have been made specifically to automotive glass, there is now a requirement from vehicle manufactures to be sure to include these properties in their adhesives.  You may be asking yourself, “why should I care about these?” or “what do these have to do with my vehicle?”  Read on to find out why you need to know about these, and how using the incorrect urethane can affect your windshield installation.

Many new windshields are manufactured with electrical components running directly through them.  This includes heads up displays, electrochromic mirrors, light sensors, rain sensors, and antennas.  Non conductive adhesives create an electrical barrier between the glass and the body of the vehicle which significantly reduce electrical currents.  If this proper urethane is not used on vehicles with these options in the windshield, you may run into problems with them not working properly.

High modulus urethanes are measured by how stiff it is at a “full cure”.  What this does is meets the manufacturer’s requirements for joint movement when a given amount of force is applied to the bonded joint.  Vehicles are structurally designed based on many variable factors, one of them being a high modulus urethane.  If your windshield is ever replaced with an aftermarket urethane that is not high modulus, you are greatly depreciating the overall structure of your vehicle in the event of a collision or rollover.

In conclusion, no matter which automotive repair facility you have your windshield replaced at, ALWAYS be sure that the urethane they are using incorporates all the key elements of a proper urethane: safe drive away time, non-conductive, and high modulus.

What is the difference between my windshield and the other glass in my vehicle?

August 22, 2014 at 7:19 pm


All glass is NOT the same.  The main difference is that your windshield is laminated and the other glass in your vehicle is tempered glass .  What makes the windshield unique is that there is an extra piece of vinyl in between two layers of glass.   The three pieces are laminated together in a special oven called an autoclave where heat and pressure is applied to the glass.

Oftentimes when a small object such a rock or piece of debris strikes your windshield, only the outer layer breaks.  This is the reason it is possible to repair a rock chip in your windshield.  As long as it does not penetrate through the layer of vinyl, it is possible to fill the chip in with resin.  If the glass does shatter, the windshield is designed to keep the glass in place so that there are no broken pieces of glass.  They are designed to stick to the vinyl interior lining.

Another reason your windshield is laminated is for the front airbags.  Airbags deploy at extreme force, sometimes in upward of 200 mph.  The front seat passengers crash into the airbag 50ms after a collision.  The triple strength of the windshield is designed to keep the airbag in place all while keeping the passengers from being ejected from the vehicle.  The windshield is also an important structural component which adds strength to the vehicle’s roof.  The windshield is actually what helps keep the roof from collapsing on passengers in the event of a rollover.  Without the windshield being so rigid and strong, it would pose an increased risk in the event of a rollover.

Tempered, or heat strengthened glass is generally used for all the other glass in the vehicle.  Tempered glass is put through a special process where it is heated to extreme temperatures, then rapidly cooled.  Tempering the glass makes it much stronger.

Another difference between laminated glass and tempered glass is the way it breaks.  We have already discussed how a windshield breaks, but tempered glass is designed to do the opposite.  When tempered glass breaks, it disintegrates into very small pieces of glass, similar to the size of rock salt.  There will be no large jagged pieces of glass to injure anyone in the vehicle.  The door glass is tempered mainly so that there is an exit point in case of an emergency.  If a vehicle is submerged in water, or has rolled over, with the glass being tempered you can break it and safely exit the vehicle.  The windshield is designed not to break so you will not be able to exit the vehicle that way.

My original windshield in my car started to leak. Is there any way you can fix that and how?

July 28, 2014 at 4:03 pm

We can absolutely fix any problem that is brought to us involving your automotive glass. If it is your windshield leaking, there are a couple of solutions that we attempt before removing the glass.
nj windshield repair
nj windshield repair

Jul. 27, 2014TRENTON, N.J.We have seen it all here at American Mobile Glass.  The short answer: Yes.  We can absolutely fix any problem that is brought to us involving your automotive glass.  If it is your windshield leaking, there are a couple of solutions that we attempt before removing the glass.  In the end, there is always the option to remove your windshield, however that is our last resort.  We will explain why later.

The first question that we always ask is if you have a sunroof or not.  If you do, chances are that it is either your sunroof leaking, or the drainage plugs are clogged with leaves, debris, or other roadway materials that have been lodged in the drainage holes.  It is best to always do a visual inspection of your vehicle first.  Clean out all rain channels on your vehicle.  Usually there are channels running down the side of the vehicle, as well as underneath the windshield.  If these are clear, you can go ahead and give us a call, because chances are it is something more serious.

American Mobile Glass is on the cutting edge of technology.  We utilize a leak detection system that emits a low audible tone inside the vehicle, that can only be heard with the matching operating device on the outside with headphones.  With this system, we can determine not only where the leak is coming from on the vehicle, but also how bad it is.  At this point, the technician can determine whether a reseal will fix the leak, or if the entire windshield needs to be removed and reinstalled.  If that is the case, we generally will have a backup windshield on hand in case of breakage.  Our professional technicians save approximately 95% of all glass that we remove, however they are still working with glass so there is always that slim chance of breakage.

DOW® Automotive has selected to sponsor two technicians from American Mobile Glass in the 2014 AGTO!

June 13, 2014 at 7:17 pm

American Mobile Glass is proud to announce that DOW® will be sponsoring two technicians to compete at this year’s Auto Glass Technician Olympics.

amg 035

Auto Glass NJ
PRLog (Press Release) – Jun. 13, 2014 – TRENTON, N.J. — Auto Glass Technician Olympics!

American Mobile Glass is proud to announce that DOW® will be sponsoring two technicians to compete at this year’s Auto Glass Technician Olympics. This will be their fourth year in the competition and looking to bring home the gold medal. Both technicians are DOW® trained and certified, and will be using the fast curing DOW® Express Kits for the installations in the competition. In the AGTO, the contestants are judged on the following criteria:
• Professionalism and credentials
• Technician comportment and vehicle inspection
• Proper product usage
• Proper equipment and tools usage
• Auto Glass Removal
• Installation Technique
• Post installation and clean up procedures
• Customer wrap up
• In depth knowledge credit
• Correction of inappropriate conditions

Their two contestants, Marty Bello and David Davila, have a combined 20 years experience in the automotive glass repair and replacement industry. They both specialize in high end windshield installations such as Porsche, Audi Bentley, BMW, and Mercedes. Both technicians enjoy what they do, and they aren’t afraid to show it. We are looking forward to see what they can deliver during the 2014 AGTO.

Auto Glass Week TM 2014 will be held in Baltimore on October 7-9, 2014. This will be the automotive glass event of 2014 with all the major automotive glass groups coming together to bring you one momentous event at the Baltimore Convention Center and Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel.

The 2014 event will bring together the Auto Glass Safety Council, Independent Glass Association, National Glass Association, National Windshield Repair Association and AGRR TM magazine in one convenient location.

The annual event will bring together all aspects of the automotive glass industry. Tools, mouldings, adhesive systems, automotive glass and more will be on display, discussed in seminars and incorporated with demonstrations and the two high-energy competitions.

What exactly is an acoustic windshield and how does it affect my vehicle?

May 22, 2014 at 2:47 pm

acoustic2An acoustic windshield reduces noise in the cabin from the engine compartment along with the sounds of wind, road surfaces, and traffic.  The idea of acoustic windshields is simply to give the passengers a more enjoyable ride while keeping outside noises out, and interior cabin volumes to a minimum.  Up to 1 in 5 new vehicles are installed with acoustic windshields directly from the factory.  Here are some of the key features of acoustic interlayer glass:

• Air-pressure fluctuations against the windshield at highway speeds
• Air impinging on the edges of the vehicle’s body panels
• Other vehicles and environmental noise
• Road noise and vibration; this is also transmitted through the body structure.

It is extremely important to understand what kind of glass you are getting when it does come time to replace your windshield.  There are many knockoffs that do not have the acoustic interlayer built into the glass.  The best way to tell if you are getting a genuine replacement is to look for an “A” on the windshield, or it will actually say “Acoustic”

right on the glass.  PGW, Pilkington, and Carlite are a few of the OEM manufacturers of acoustic glass.  American Mobile Glass of NJ purchases only OEM quality products for the safety and satisfaction of our customers.  Don’t be fooled by a less expensive aftermarket windshield that do not perform the same as what was previously in your vehicle from the factory!

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