AMG uses highest quality urethane assuring a 1 hour safe drive away time!

November 15, 2013 at 5:09 pm

DSC00035Many auto glass companies tell their customers that it is safe to drive their vehicle one hour after the windshield is installed.
The difference at American Mobile Glass, is that we actually mean it.  What most customers don’t understand is that there are a number of urethanes that do not completely dry within an hour.  These urethanes generally take anywhere from 2-4 hours to completely dry depending on temperature and humidity.  This leaves the customer unknowingly driving home with a windshield that isn’t even fully secured to the body of the vehicle.  God forbid an accident were to occur during this time, the airbags may not deploy properly, the windshield may be completely freed from the vehicle, or even worse, you or your passengers may be fully ejected from the vehicle.  Instances like this continue to happen across the country.  Whether you choose American Mobile Glass or not, make sure to ask what type of urethane is being used before you fall victim to an improper windshield installation.

Here at American Mobile Glass we take our customers’ safety very seriously.  By using the DOW BETASEAL Express EZ Kits we are able to guarantee a 1 hour safe drive away time in conditions all the way down to 0°F.  BETASEAL Express EZKit is designed for structurally bonded or direct glazed automotive glass, such as windshields, backlites, quarter glass and other stationary glass. Other uses include attaching hardware to glass and backfilling to install.  BETASEAL Express EZKit meets all OEM long-term durability requirements and is and is FMVSS crash-proven.  Also included in the kit are all the necessary primers and applicators that are needed for a complete & safe windshield installation.

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